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The cost of the service is as follows:
  • Term Time
• Holiday Time Per Day
• In Service Days
  Registration Fee (Per Family)
• Term Time Service
• Holiday Service

£30.00 or Free if you are registered
            for Term Time.
  Fees Policies and Procedures
Please note that the following procedures are in place regarding fees:
• Fees must be paid 2 weeks in advance.

• Fees must be paid when your child is off sick or is on holiday during term time.

• Fees must be paid till the end of the school year even if your child goes on holiday during the end of the school term or you finish college.

• Annual registration fees must be paid before the end of the last school term for the new school year to ensure that you have a place.
Failure to pay this may result in your losing your place and it being given to someone on the waiting list or requiring a place.

• If the school is closed outwith our control i.e. due to adverse weather or a power cut then fees will still be due.

• Changes to the booking must be made with 2 full clear weeks’ notice. i.e. changes given anytime during week 1 of a term apply to
changes in week 4.

• If you wish to increase your days we may be able to if staff ratios permit do this at short notice, failing this then the above rule will apply
to changes in the days booked.

• If you fail to pay for the service and have arrears of 2 weeks or more T.A.S.C. has the right to withdraw childcare, you can expect to
be reminded that the fees are overdue and the consequences of non payment.

• If a college has agreed to pay for your fees and fails to do so then the service user is liable for payment. This particularly happens
when the student is sick or on holiday during their term time. Students must notify the service of their timetable and when they are off sick.

• If a trip is planned during term time for a day booked and you opt not to send your child, fees must still be paid.

• During holiday periods the same 2 weeks’ notice applies and if you have booked for a day and opt out of that trip that day fees
are still due.

• If you fail to turn up during holiday times for a trip then fees are still due.

• If you fail to turn up in time for your child to go on a trip then fees are still due for that day.

• If the school finishes earlier on the last day of a term then the service has a right to close at an earlier time.

These Policies & Procedures are in place to ensure equality within the service. The pricing policies are in place to ensure that the service is managed appropriately and covers the overheads that exist. Without appropriate structures in place T.A.S.C. would fail to ensure that the service is viable. Service users have the right to have confidence in the knowledge that the service will be available long term. We ask that service users respect that these are our policies and they are applied to all users equally.
Term Time: 3pm - 5.45pm
Holiday Time: Mondays - Thursday: 8am - 5.45pm Fridays: 8am - 5.30pm
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